*Urban Areas


24 Hour Service

Local Council

Dangerous Animal Management


24 Hours & 7 Days

We have gained our reputation by being second to none in the field of Wildlife and Animal Damage Control


We specialise in discreet operations providing our expert services in;


* Urban Areas, * Water Catchment, * State and National Parks,

* Populous Places, * Municipal Parks and Gardens,

* Sensitive Environmental Sites, * Buildings,

* Private Dwellings, * Commercial Sites and Buildings.


Aerial Reconnaissance & Control Operations

- Helicopter - Counting and GPs plotting

- Helicopter - Aerial Control Operations

Animal Control Techniques

Wildpro operatives use only state of the art ,safe, humane and effective equipment and techniques in wildlife and animal damage management and control.

Live Capture Specialists


At Wildpro we specialise in humane live capture techniques.


Snake Capture Services

- 24 hour EMERGENCY snake control service

- Specialising in capture and control of elapid (Venomous) species

- Snake proofing of buildings and open areas

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